Hands On Experience

At Youth America College, students have the added benefit of gaining hands-on experience at Church of the Harvest while earning practicum credit towards their college degree. These practical training experiences are designed to prepare and equip students for life after college, whether that be a career in full-time ministry or in any field outside the church.

Choose a stream

During the first year, a student will experience each practicum stream and gain a wide variety of experience and skills. Our goal is that students gain a foundation and have the opportunity to discover their passions and talents through exposure.

During the second year of the program, students choose one practicum stream to participate in for the entire year. Our goal is that you will gain leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking skills that will benefit you no matter what route you take in life.


Service Production, Audio Engineering, Video Editing, Media & Lighting, Graphic Design, Musicianship


Youth & Kids, Service Planning & Creation, Teaching

Operations and Event Management

Marketing, Communications, Recruitment, Conference/Large Scale Event Planning


Community relations, fundraising, mentorship, serving