Youth America College

Building Next Generation Leaders

Youth America College is a biblically-based, higher education institution. We exist to build next generation leaders who will carry the spiritual responsibility to lead and influence their generation for Christ.

Two Years of Excellence

As a student, our goal is for you to learn who God is, who He has called you to be and discover what He has called you to do.

Degree Programs

A partnership with Southeastern University

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Bachelor of Science in Digital Media & Design

Meet Our Team

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Youth America College is an immersive learning experience. You will not just learn theory, you'll learn by DOING. You'll gain hands-on experience at Church of the Harvest while earning practicum credit towards your degree!

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Student Life

What's a typical week look like for our students? We've broken it down so you can know what to expect.

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Come spend your next season with us as you lean into what God has for your life while being equipped, trained and sharpened to step into your future.

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